Services Overview

How might T-I-L offer solutions for your matter?  A few select examples include:


  • Achieving a client goal through representation before an administrative law judge
  • Petitioning the Federal Communications Commission to avoid $2.3MM in cost, for a global telecommunications concern, during a regulatory and law proceeding
  • Reviewing agreements and contracts to support the business goals of an international technology services company
  • Launching a law practice, leveraging artificial intelligence tools, focused on building an affordable bridge between creatives/entrepreneurs and intellectual property law - in the District of Columbia

Integrated Services

(Law + Other Services)

  • Conducting general business consulting projects for a "Big Four" Consultancy and for my own practice including: business process re-engineering, cost reduction, finance, government project management, information technology, inventory, litigation support, marketing, operations improvement, telecommunications
  • Creating, launching and managing product and services portfolios for companies including: market research, marketing, profitability, product development and management, solution selling

Other Services


  • Earning local, national, and international recognition for innovations involving: infrastructure communications technology (ICT), information technology (IT) staff augmentation,, enterprise "smart buying", and smart city wireless
  • Creating an algorithm, and supporting data driven portal, increasing sales productivity 5% for a $10B revenue global company
  • Developing a socially responsible business model to reinvigorate local manufacturing in economically challenged communities
  • Improving the efficiency of the judicial process


  • Program managing wireless infrastructure enhancements for thirty (30) sites with positive return on capital
  • Launching a private equity and incubator based startup providing Information Technology services for doctors and for lawyers 
  • Delivering an enterprise-wide strategic sourcing initiative generating $60MM in cost reduction and a $22.5 - to - $1 return on investment
  • Launching a business model to enhance the Judicial System


Technology-Innovation-Law, LLC ("T-I-L") is a full-service and multi-disciplinary law firm striving to provide affordable and high quality legal services to clients. Our primary goal is to educate and empower clients to register their intellectual property rights. By utilizing the latest strategies and techniques, we target to provide versatile and experienced legal counsel to business and individual clients throughout the Washington DC metropolitan region.

Our intellectual property lawyers are available for consultation on issues related to intellectual property, from acquisition of patents and trademarks, to evaluation of third party IP rights and infringement, to obtaining intellectual property licenses. We can also assist our clients in negotiating, drafting, or modifying a wide array of IP-related agreements.

Hiring Technology-Innovation-Law is like adding an advisor to your team... one that provides additional complementary expertise too...included at no charge additional. 

Developing and executing innovative strategies and tactics