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As a young Firm T-I-L is a combination of the knowledge being gained from client engagements,  like those mentioned on the "Select Clients" page + the past experience earned by the people working for and with it + the Innovation approach embedded in its business model.  

We've mentioned some of the work that we're doing now as the first part of this equation.  Below we share relevant past experience earned and exemplary Innovation(s).

Select Projects from prior experiences of T-I-L people and the Innovation "back stories" behind them:


"Citywide (In-Building) Wireless"

Government of the District of Columbia (DC-Net Program) - "Citywide (In-Building) Wireless": Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) Deputy Chief Technology Officer of Information Communications Technology (ICT) and DC-Net Program Director was in partnership with the City's Department of General Services (DGS) and needed to invest $10MM of capital to upgrade the wireless signal to address public safety concerns in select District of Columbia Government buildings.  In concert with the agency director a decision was taken to task DC-Net with investing the funds. T-I-L's founder was tasked with leading the capital investment program for the City. The task presented an opportunity to apply his previous government and private sector experiences in concert with professional education (MBA Finance - University of Pennsylvania, Juris Doctor - Georgetown, Certified Public Manager and Six-Sigma Green Belt - George Washington University). Research was conducted on global best practices and on City/constituent, agency, DGS partner and other requirements.  A four-step process was developed and approved by "chain-of-command" which featured:

  1. develop Citywide wireless standards for building wireless;
  2. partner with the responsible agency (Office of Unified Communications) for implementing and measuring standards compliance;
  3. develop a data driven approach to targeting buildings for wireless capital investment; and
  4. leverage the government investment through appropriate collaboration with the private sector - through citywide wireless contracts in place with commercial wireless carriers - to extend wireless signal benefits throughout the City. 

As a result a wireless standard was approved, a Citywide Wireless virtual Team was formed with DGS, OUC, OCTO (lead), individual agencies located in each building and commercial wireless carriers, and through additional innovation capital was invested to enhance wireless in 30 buildings (at 50% of the market capital cost offered by the private sector) generating a $1.05-to-$1.00 return on capital. The program earned national recognition from the National Association of State Chief Information Officers as an ICT Innovation (DC-NET.pdf).  

"Citywide Smart Buyer"

Government of the District of Columbia (Enterprise Contracts Management Services (ECMS)) - "Citywide Smart Buyer": "if you want to impress me then save $10MM" challenged the then Chief Technology Officer of the District of Columbia, as he commissioned the creation of the City's ECMS Program. The program charter was to "buy technology smarter".  A key component in the business model was "Citywide Smart Buyer" ("CSB" or "Smart Buyer"). It was developed by an ECMS analyst who used a heuristic sampling approach to assess whether individual agencies were taking optimal technology procurement.  T-I-L's founder was the program manager for ECMS. The challenge prompted him to apply his private sector experiences and professional education quantitative skills (Wharton MBA, George Washington University Certified Public Manager and Six-Sigma).  He worked with the analyst and the team to scale the sampling for use citywide. Further key City procurement and technology agency directors agreed to a pilot expansion of Smart Buyer to cover all procurement within their jurisdiction.  ECMS exceeded the $10MM cost reduction target in its first year. In its five year life cycle it managed $580MM of technology spending and achieved cost reduction of $60MM, representing a 10%+ savings on budget and return-on-investment of $22.5 for every $1 of cost. Further ECMS earned national recognition from the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) and CSB earned both national recognition from NASCIO and international acclaim as one, of fourteen finalist, in the University of Pennsylvania Knowledge@Wharton and WiPro Global Innovation Competition. Smart Buyer was the only government competitor among fourteen finalist and what is understood to have been one hundred fifty-two (152) applicants from the private sector/venture capital and university - including leading Ivy League schools (ECMS.pdf).  



"Leading Edge"

Net2000 - "Leading Edge": a private equity/venture capital backed new entry into the telecommunications market, one differentiated by the fact that it was founded by four people with deep industry knowledge and a record of attracting and retaining customers with service excellence - while acting as a sales agent for the local monopoly, sought to increase its market valuation for capital raising purposes by demonstrating that it could generate recurring revenue (in full compliance with applicable law and policy, all while continuing to act as an agent). T-I-L's founder was the Director of Local products and services in addition to being in-house counsel. The position enabled him to apply prior technology/telecommunications product development and management experiences and graduate business (University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School) and law (Georgetown University) education to the opportunity. He reviewed the applicable law and regulatory language, identifying an opportunity for offering a "rebill" of the monopoly local services. That would demonstrate Net2000's ability to generate recurring revenue as proof of concept. However the revenue would not be profitable. Net2000 founders agreed to a strategy to attract "rebilling clients under the "Leading Edge" brand, then to migrate them to the company's own network for profitability. The business plan was amended and the strategy executed. The innovation resulted in a $12MM increase in valuation (insert link to book).

"Local Lead Finder"

MCI - "Local Lead Finder" (aka "Lead Finder"): an integrated market entry and sales prospecting portal developed to support the company's entry into the then $100B+ local telecommunications services market as a part of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. During a planning meeting a young vice president (VP) remarked that it would be nice to be help the sales people to target the most profitable prospects based on their proximity to the companies communications switches - before a major kick-off meeting upcoming in a few months. T-I-L's founder was at the meeting as a senior manager for local market assessment, a position that used his MBA quantitative skills from Wharton and JD from Georgetown. He  remarked to his boss (one of the VP's direct reports) that "we can do that". He was directed to "do it". The result was a six-week effort in which a targeting algorithm was developed, trained with data sets, alpha launched to select sales offices, and beta launched to 5,000 sales and support people at the sales kick-off with 70% accuracy...developed using the computing power "borrowed" from the billing system during late night and early AM sessions. Subsequently the algorithm was improved to 95% accuracy and presented to MCI COO and division presidents before production launch. As a test, the business division president asked that the portal identify and estimate the potential revenue and profitability of a dry cleaner at an address near their residence in Annapolis MD. Lead Finder passed the test successfully. The innovation went into production in time to support the local market entry and was valued at increasing sales productivity 5%, representing $100MM in operating profit (insert link to relevant web content).



These large scale innovations are exemplary of T-I-L's approach to problem solving. There are others that were researched and implemented for organizations ranging in $ terms from zero to billions. T-I-L seeks to bring its spirit of innovation to each client engagement or project - working collaboratively in the pursue of creating sustainable value.